Blessing MPC5CTR Tpt Mp 5C

Price: $33.95
Manufacturer Part #:  5C

Blessing creates all their mouthpieces with the player in mind. We want you to look, feel, and sound your best so each mouthpiece is constructed carefully to provide you with the highest quality, giving you the best sound. From practice to playing, your instrument goes through a lot of wear and tear that you probably don’t even realize. That’s why these blessing mouthpieces are made from only the most reliable and highest quality materials out there. Cheap mouthpieces can be uncomfortable after a few songs, but Blessing makes smooth, wonderfully crafted mouthpiece that you could play on for hours. You’ll never go back to another mouthpiece for your instrument again. Founded 110 years ago, E.K. Blessing enjoys a legacy of quality and service to the playing community. Purchased by St. Louis Music in 2015, this legacy lives on in new products, renewed energy, and a commitment to helping you achieve your highest musical aspirations. Simply, your dreams are our dreams too. At 110 years, we aren’t old, we are just beginning.

Model: 5C
Manufacturer: Blessing

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