Yamaha YTS62III Pro Tenor Sax

Price: $3,797.99
Manufacturer Part #:  YTS62III

The Yamaha YTS-62III tenor saxophone is the result of more than five decades of commitment to the professional saxophonist. The YTS-62III’s roots are in the YTS-61, introduced in 1969 as part of Yamaha’s bold entry into manufacturing top-quality wind instruments. The YTS-62III’s more direct ancestor, the YTS-62, was brought to market in 1978. It has been a favorite of educators, students and professional musicians ever since. The YTS-62 has seen more than forty years of market testing, and the YTS-62III reflects all of Yamaha’s woodwind expertise. It is the benchmark of sound, response, intonation and reliability in a professional-quality tenor saxophone. Classical, jazz, rock, pop, funk and more can all be found inside this wonderful horn. It feels good, looks good, sounds good and is attractively priced.

Model: YTS62III
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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